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Our firm focuses on:

Litigation: Our firm has been involved in criminal and civil settlement negotiations and the conduct of litigation since 1968. We have extensive experience in the areas of felony and misdemeanor criminal defense. We also have extensive experience in state and federal courts representing clients in complicated legal disputes concerning contract rights as well as personal injury litigation involving serious automobile and truck accidents.

We have advised clients in all aspects of criminal defense including the aspects of debriefing and negotiation with the Offices of the United States Attorney, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney and District Attorney in felony and misdemeanor criminal matters. In our forty years the firm has conducted hundreds of jury and non jury trials involving drug trafficking and possession, felonious assault, capital murder, bail jumping, destruction of property, domestic violence, drunk driving and other serious charges.

We have the investigators, and dedicated staff to help you through this difficult time. We are experienced in the handling of all criminal charges from DWI and other traffic offenses to first degree capital murder.

Domestic Violence Litigation: In most cases when the police are called for a domestic battery, threats, destruction of property or other matter, the accused is going to be arrested. This type of charge can have devastating consequences. After your arrest you will be jailed and in many cases will not be released until you go before a judge, which may be the next day. We aggressively handle these matters and have a high rate of success in having the client released from jail and defending the case to conclusion.

Each and every client and their case is given the attention to detail and case presentation that you deserve and expect.

David G. Racer and Associates, P.L.L.C.